Transceiver and Cabling Solutions for Cisco 3850 Series Switch

Transceiver optics and cables are necessary accessories to Cisco 3850 switch series, and they play an important role in the fiber cabling infrastructure, this article will introduce the 3rd party compatible optical transceiver and cabling solutions for Cisco 3850 switch.

Cisco 3850 Series Switch Overview

The Cisco 3850 series switches contain switches for any network configuration, with over 30 models available. With this access switch, prepare for the second generation of 802.11ac technology and other new technologies that are available and will be emerging in the future. The stacked Catalyst 3850 Series multi-gigabit and 10-Gbps network switches enable the convergence of wired and wireless networks, giving you the ability to extend and protect your investment.

Cisco 3850 Series Switch Features

Integration of wired and wireless networks
The Catalyst 3850 switch provides intelligent, simple and highly secure converged access through an integrated wireless controller. Each switching entity (switch or stack) supports up to 100 wireless access points and 2000 wireless clients.

PoE, PoE +, and UPOE
Power your solution with support for PoE and PoE + (up to 30W of power per port) or support for UPOE (60W power per port). In this way, you do not need to use additional electrical wiring and circuitry to power the wireless access point and IP phone. Increase the ability to power the solution.

Effective security protection
Get support for Flexible NetFlow, Cisco TrustSec, and MACsec encryption. Use the network as a safety sensor and actuator.

Cisco 3850 Series Switch Models

Appearance Description
 WS-C3850-48XS-S Model: Cisco Catalyst 3850 48 Port 10G Fiber Switch IP Base

Part Number: WS-C3850-48XS-S


 WS-C3850-12XS-E Model: Cisco Catalyst C3850-12XS-E Switch Layer 3 – 12 SFP/SFP+ – 1G/10G – IP Services- Wireless controller – managed- stackable

Part Number: WS-C3850-12XS-E


 WS-C3850-24XS-E Model: Cisco Catalyst C3850-24XS-E Switch Layer 3 – 24 SFP/SFP+ – 1G/10G – IP Services – Wireless controller – managed- stackable

Part Number: WS-C3850-24XS-E


 WS-C3850-24T-L Model: Cisco Catalyst 3850 24 Port LAN Base

Part Number: WS-C3850-24T-L


 WS-C3850-12XS-E Model: Cisco Catalyst C3850-12XS-S Switch Layer 3 – 12 SFP/SFP+ – 1G/10G – IP Base – Wireless controller – managed- stackable

Part Number: WS-C3850-12XS-S


 WS-C3850-24T-S Model: Cisco Catalyst 3850 24 Port IP Base

Part Number: WS-C3850-24T-S


Optical Transceiver and Cabling Solutions for Cisco 3850 Series Switch

The following tables list the supported transceiver modules and cables on the Cisco 3850 Series Switch. The supported transceiver includes 1000BASE SFP, 10G SFP+, 10G SFP+ DAC & AOC, which provides a total transceiver and cabling infrastructure solution for IT professionals.

OEM Part Number Description
Gigabit SFP Module
GLC-T 1000BASE-T Copper SFP Module, 100m, RJ-45 Connector
SFP-GE-T 1000BASE-T Copper SFP Module,100m, RJ-45 Connector, Extended temperature
GLC-SX-MM 1000BASE-SX SFP Module, MMF, 850nm, 550m
GLC-LH-SM 1000BASE-LX SFP Module, SMF, 1310nm, 10km
GLC-ZX-SM 1000BASE-ZX SFP Module, SMF, 1550nm, 70km
GLC-SX-MMD 1000BASE-SX SFP Module, MMF, 850nm, 550m, with DOM, Extended temperature
GLC-LH-SMD 1000BASE-LX SFP Module, SMF, 1310nm, 10km, with DOM, Extended temperature
GLC-EX-SMD 1000BASE-EX SFP Module, SMF, 1310nm, 40km, with DOM, Extended temperature
GLC-ZX-SMD 1000BASE-ZX SFP Module, SMF, 1550nm, 70km, with DOM, Extended temperature
SFP-GE-S 1000BASE-SX SFP Module, MMF, 850nm, 550m, with DOM, Extended temperature
SFP-GE-L 1000BASE-LX SFP Module, SMF, 1310nm, 10km, with DOM, Extended temperature
SFP-GE-Z 1000BASE-ZX SFP Module, SMF, 1550nm, 70km, with DOM, Extended temperature
GLC-BX-D 1000BASE-BX-D BIDI SFP Module, TX:1490/RX:1310nm, SMF, 10km
GLC-BX-U 1000BASE-BX-U BIDI SFP Module, TX:1310/RX:1490nm, SMF, 10km
CWDM SFP 1000BASE-CWDM SFP Module, 1470nm~1610nm, SMF, 80km
DWDM SFP 1000BASE-DWDM SFP Module, 1470nm~1610nm, SMF, 80km
10G SFP+ Module
SFP-10G-SR 10GBASE-SR SFP+ Module for MMF S-Class
SFP-10G-SR-X 10GBASE-SR SFP+ Module for MMF
SFP-10G-SR-S multi-rate 10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-SW and OTU2e SFP+ Module for MMF, extended temperature range
SFP-10G-LR 10GBASE-LRM SFP+ Module for MMF and SMF
SFP-10G-LR-X 10GBASE-LR SFP+ Module for SMF S-Class
SFP-10G-LR-S 10GBASE-LR SFP+ Module for SMF
SFP-10G-LRM multi-rate 10GBASE-LR, 10GBASE-LW and OTU2e SFP+ Module for SMF, extended temperature range
SFP-10G-ER 10GBASE-ER SFP+ Module for SMF S-Class
SFP-10G-ER-S 10GBASE-ER SFP+ Module for SMF
SFP-10G-ZR 10GBASE-ZR SFP+ Module for SMF S-Class
SFP-10G-ZR-S multi-rate 10GBASE-ZR, 10GBASE-ZW and OTU2e SFP+ Module for SMF
SFP-10G-BXD-I 10GBASE-BX10-D Bidirectional for 10km
SFP-10G-BXU-I 10GBASE-BX10-U Bidirectional for 10km
SFP-10G-BX40D-I  10GBASE-BX40-D Bidirectional for 40km
SFP-10G-BX40U-I 10GBASE-BX40-U Bidirectional for 40km
CWDM-SFP10G-1470 10GBAS-CWDM 1470nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1490 10GBAS-CWDM 1490nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1510 10GBAS-CWDM 1510nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1530 10GBAS-CWDM 1530nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1550 10GBAS-CWDM 1550nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1570 10GBAS-CWDM 1570nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1590 10GBAS-CWDM 1590nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
CWDM-SFP10G-1610 10GBAS-CWDM 1610nm SFP+ 40km Transceiver Module
DWDM-SFP10G-ER 10GBASE-DWDM SFP+ (100-GHz ITU grid) 40km Transceiver Module
10G SFP+ Copper Cables
SFP-H10GB-CU1M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 1 Meter, passive
SFP-H10GB-CU1-5M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 1.5 Meter, passive
SFP-H10GB-CU2M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 2 Meter, Passive
SFP-H10GB-CU2-5M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 2.5 Meter, Passive
SFP-H10GB-CU3M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 3 Meter, passive
SFP-H10GB-CU5M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 5 Meter, passive
SFP-H10GB-ACU7M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 7 Meter, active
SFP-H10GB-ACU10M 10GBASE-CU SFP+ Cable 10 Meter, active
10G SFP+ Active Optical Cables
SFP-10G-AOC1M 10GBASE-AOC SFP+ Optical Cable, 1 Meter
SFP-10G-AOC2M 10GBASE-AOC SFP+ Optical Cable, 2 Meter
SFP-10G-AOC3M 10GBASE-AOC SFP+ Optical Cable, 3 Meter
SFP-10G-AOC5M 10GBASE-AOC SFP+ Optical Cable, 5 Meter
SFP-10G-AOC7M 10GBASE-AOC SFP+ Optical Cable, 7 Meter
SFP-10G-AOC10M 10GBASE-AOC SFP+ Optical Cable, 10 Meter
Fiber Optic Patch Cables
LC-LC-OM2-DxM Multimode 50/125μm OM2 Duplex LC/LC Fiber Cable (1m-50m or Custom Length)
LC-LC-OM3-DxM Multimode 50/125μm 10G OM3 Duplex LC/LC Fiber Cable (1m-50m or Custom Length)
LC-LC-OM4-DxM Multimode 50/125μm 10G/40G OM4 Duplex LC/LC Fiber Cable (1m-50m or Custom Length)
LC-LC-OS2-DxM Singlemode 9/125μm OS2 Duplex LC/LC Fiber Cable (1m-50m or Custom Length)
LC-LC-OS2-SxM Singlemode 9/125μm OS2 Simplex LC/LC Fiber Cable (1m-50m or Custom Length)


The Cisco Catalyst 3850 series switches are gigabit and 10Gb switches. These switches can provide 480Gbps of tiered throughput and Cisco StackWise-480 technology Overall, the 3850 series can simplify operations, obtain the required reliability, and provide a better mobile experience for your employees and customers. All transceivers, AOCs and DACs listed in the tables are manufactured by industry standards and the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement). More importantly, you could order them with high quality and 100% compatibility at an affordable price from Optcore, and save your money on overpriced optics.

Note: All trademarks, product, company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners and used for comparative purposes only. All the recommended transceivers and cables including SFP, SFP+, QSFP are from 3rd Party, they are NOT OEM products and are NOT certified or endorsed by OEM.

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