Optical Transceiver & Direct Attach Cables Compatibility Guide Matrix

The below table lists optical transceivers and direct attach cables that have been tested by Optcore or have been reported by other sources to work with the most network equipment (Switches, Routers, Servers, Network interface cards NICs, Storage), no compatibility issues with most of the equipment vendors. Just click it and you will be linked to the corresponding ones. Enjoy your purchase and save much cost immediately.

The Truth of Transceiver Compatibility Issues

While most network equipment manufacturers utilize a lock-out mechanism by requiring vendor specific information on the EEPROM located on the optical transceivers, most of the customers have to purchase optical transceiver from the same equipment vendor at much higher prices than third-party transceivers supplier. Optcore is delicate to provide high-performance optical transceiver solution at affordable price. Our Transceivers are fully tested to be reliable and compatible with most of the network equipment from a different vendor. You can be assured that the use of Optcore’s compatible optical transceiver should not affect the warranty protection of your networking equipment.

Key Benefits

  • By using Optcore’s optical transceivers, you will save as much as 80% than OEMs with same high performance and guaranteed compatibility.
  • Our Extensive Range of Transceivers even exceed original OEMs, more than 3000 types of the transceiver for you one stop transceiver needs.
  • Optcore optical transceivers are backed with 3-year warranty, while most OEMs only provide one year warranty.