Video SFP Fiber Module Solution for HD&UHD Broadcast Video Transport Application

Optcore’s SDI video SFP module solution has helped a lot of broadcast customers across the world to transport their video signals over optic fiber with high reliability and cost effectiveness.

We are experiencing the rapid evolution of the broadcast video transport for high-capacity HD and ultra high-definition (UHD) digital transmission. It is time to meet the challenge of the increased needs in the broadcast market and addresses its unique requirements. The market requires expanding the data transmission capabilities and extended distance throughout the broadcast transport system, at the same time with high reliability and cost-effectiveness. Following the industry standards and SMPTE standards, our solutions cover the application for SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G -SDI and 12G-SDI. All the video SFP modules were carefully designed to support SDI video pathological signal, to provide high performance with the pathological signal.

This solution is ideal for the typical applications such as SDI broadcast video routing and production switchers, video distribution amplifiers, video cameras and monitors, 4K UHD broadcast video transport platform, SDI to optical fiber converters and other SDI video systems.


• Extend the transmission distance over Fiber to max 80km (3G-SDI)
• CWDM technology offer cutomers the ability to transmit max 18 channels singals on one fiber
• Pass the test of pathological pattern, ensuring the robust performance
• MSA compliant and video Pinout for both datacommunication and Broadcast video application

Ordering Information

  Item  Part Number  Description
   1  OHPC3G-xx10DCR  3G-SDI Video SFP CWDM Transceiver, 1270~1610nm, 10km, LC, DOM, MSA Pinout
   1  OHP3G-3110DCR  3G-SDI Video SFP Transceiver, 1310nm, 10km, LC, DOM, MSA Pinout
   2  CWDM-MD08-4761-EXP-LCU  8 Channels 1470-1610nm +1310nm Dual Fiber CWDM Mux&Demux Module, LC/UPC
   3  LC-LC-OS2-DxM-20-PV  LC to LC Duplex 9/125μm Single Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cord ( 1m to 50m or custom length)
   4  OHPC3G-xx40DCR  3G-SDI Video SFP CWDM Transceiver, 1470~1610nm, 40km, LC, DOM, MSA Pinout

SDI Video SFP Glossary

  • Pathological Pattern  It is a specific pattern of unbalanced DC created by the encoding scheme of the SDI per SMPTE standards. The most stressful pathological pattern for an optical transmitter is a repeating pattern of one high bit followed by nineteen low bits (or the inverse of this). The commonly used datacom SFP module doesn’t support this pattern, while only special Video SFP support this pattern.
  • SDI Stands for “Serial digital interface”, usually referred as SD-SDI(270Mbps), HD-SDI(1.485Gbps), 3G-SDI(2.97Gbps), 6G-SDI(6Gbps), 12G-SDI(12Gbps).
  • 4K UHD – 4K Ultra High Definition, Ultra HD as it’s also confusingly known).

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