OPTCORE Shipped 10,000 sets 3G SDI HD Video Transceiver modules

June 23th, 2014 — Optcore, a leading developer of SDI video transceiver modules, today announced it has shipped more than 10,000 sets of its 3G SDI HD video transceivers for professional and broadcast video applications such as transmission of SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signals on single mode fiber. Those shipped 3G SDI HD video transceiver modules include a variety of types:
–3G SDI Video SFP optical transceiver module
–CWDM 3G SDI Video SFP optical transceiver module
–Dual channel 3G SDI video SFP optical receiver module
–Dual channel 3G SDI video SFP optical transmitter module
–Single channel 3G SDI video SFP optical receiver module
–Single channel 3G SDI video SFP optical transmitter module
Optcore has worked closely with customers to ensure that the video optical transceiver modules robustly handle the pathological signals SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI. The SDI HD video transceiver modules are widely applicated in broadcast video areas include cameras, routers, monitors, video production switchers, distribution amplifiers, HDTV, SDTV. Since the release of this product in October-2011, Optcore continuously improves the design and make the cost cut down around 40% compared with the first version. “Most of the other player in this market such as Gennum/Embrionix, OE Solutions, and Optoway, provide the 3G SDI HD video transceivers at a high price, we try the best to cut down the bom cost at the same quality and service by building a long-term cooperation with our customers and vendor partners,this help us win many customers, since Y2012 we shipped more and more SDI HD video transceivers for this special market, it is a great milestone for this us. In order to meet the rapid demand of the broadcast video market, we will soon release a new series video transceiver modules that cover 1.5Gb/s to 3Gb/s in 1*9 package, the new family of SDI HD video 1*9 transceivers are widely used in HD digital video fiber optic Systems, SD-SDI/HD-SDI /3G-SDI digital video interfaces,HD-SDI Camera,SDI Video Optical Fiber Converters ” said Miss Bella, the sales manager in Optcore. The reliable quality, affordable price, and quick response have been the most key reasons for customers to choose Optcore.
Below list the related models of Gennum/Embrionix for quick comparison.
Model Optcore Gennum/
3G SDI HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHP3G-3110N(D)CR GO2929-31DM HTR30PSH-SF3 SPS-9110VG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHP3G-3110N(D)CR-C GO2929-31CM / /
3G SDI HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHP3G-3140N(D)CR / HTR30PMH-ST3 SPS-9130VG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHP3G-5540N(D)CR  / HTR30PLH-ST5 SPS-9350VG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHP3G-5580N(D)CR / / SPS-9380VG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Dual Optical Transmitters
OHP3G-313110NCR GO2928-3131CM / SPS-9110V-2TG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Dual Optical Transmitters
OHP3G-313140NCR / / SPS-9130V-2TG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Dual Optical Transmitters
OHP3G-555540NCR / / SPS-9350V-2TG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHP3G-8505N(D)CR GO2949-85CL / SPM-9100V-1T1RG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Dual Optical Transmitters
OHP3G-858505N(D)CR GO2948-8585CL / SPM-9100V-2TG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Dual Optical Receivers
OHP3G-RR8505N(D)CR GO2947-CL / SPM-9100V-2RG
3G SDI CWDM HD Video SFP Optical Transceiver
OHPC3G-xxxx10N(D)CR GO2951 / SPS-9310VW-CXX0G*
3G SDI CWDM HD Video SFP Single Optical Transmitter
OHPC3G-Txx10N(D)CR GO2952 / SPS-9310VW-CXXG
3G SDI CWDM HD Video SFP Dual Optical Transmitters
OHPC3G-xxxx10N(D)CR GO2952 / SPS-9310VW-CXXCYYG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Dual Optical Receivers
OHP3G-RR10N(D)CR GO2927-CM / SPS-9110V-2RG
3G SDI HD Video SFP Single Optical Transmitter
OHP3G-T3110N(D)CR GO2918-31CM  HT130PPS-SF3 /
3G SDI HD Video SFP Single Optical Receiver
OHP3G-R10N(D)CR GO2917-CM  HR130PS1-SST SPS-9110V-1RG

About Optcore
Optcore is developer of 3G SDI video transceiver modules for data communications, video and audio markets. As a professional provider in high definition (HD) broadcasting, Optcore dedicated to provide a wide port-filo of video transceiver include SD/HD/3G-SDI video transceivers in SFP package, the 1*9 pin package with SC/ST/FC connector will be available this July. Optcore is a reliable partner and player fiber optic based video and audio transport and routing solutions for broadcast applications market.

If you have any questions, please email us at sales@optcore.net or skype optcore-sfp