NOKIA choose OPTCORE to Supply 10GBase-T SFP+ Copper Transceiver 

Nokia Networks is a multinational data networking and telecommunications equipment company that provides data, video, and voice network solutions for mobile operators and internet service providers. The company’s product and service portfolio include customer care support, device management, fixed-mobile convergence, hosting, integrated provisioning, inventory management, IPTV, mobile backhaul, mobile TV, outsourcing, unified charging and billing, WCDMA frequency refarming, optical multiplexers, and more.


What we offered for NOKIA

NOKIA would like to upgrade their legal copper networks by using a 10G SFP+ copper transceiver. OPTCORE is a global supplier of fiber optic transceiver, subsystems, and solution. As a newly released product, the 10G SFP+ Copper transceiver is designed for high-speed 10G communication links requiring over CAT6A/7 cables. This copper transceiver features an RJ-45 connector to connect with the CAT6A/7 cable, it is suitable for 10GbE SFP + port on a switch or NIC. The 10G SFP+ copper module supports up to 30 meters of CAT6A/7 cable connections.


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