What is GBIC Transceiver?

GBIC is short for Gigabit Interface Converter, which is a standard optic transceiver that converts serial electric signals to serial optical signals and vice versa commonly used to interface a fiber optic system with a Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet. GBIC is hot-swappable transceiver with SC connector, it is also compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet definition IEEE802.3, 1000BASE-CX, Fibre Channel 100-TP-EL-S and 100-TW-EL-S inter-enclosure. It’s commonly used with some former Ethernet Switch and other network equipment to reach a long transmission.

The GBIC standard is defined by the Small Form Factor committee in SFF-8053. In the GBIC MSA SFF-8053,the mechanical interface,operational description,electronic specification was defined.
Figure 1 A Typical SX GBIC Optics

Types of GBIC Optics

Classified by Applications: FE/GE GBIC,Fiber Channel GBIC, Video 1×9,CWDM 1×9,BIDI GBIC,CWDM GBIC,DWDM GBIC
Classified by Data rate: 155Mb,622Mb,1.25Gb
Classified by Distance: GBIC-T 100m on copper,GBIC SX less than 2km,GBIC LX 10-20km,GBIC ZX 80km.

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