The Growth of Fiber Optical Network Hardware Market

In the latest research figures from Infonetics Research, the worldwide fiber optical network hardware market increased 10% to $3.38 billion in the last quarter compared to the previous quarter.
Both of the shift towards next generation mobile backhaul infrastructure and preparation by carriers for the optic reboot rebuilding the core networks using 40G and 100G, OTN and ROADM technologies. At the same time, some key key optical network equipment manufacturers start to supply more and more 40G long reach ports and the 100G ports. Therefore the optical network Equipment vendors who offer the 100G technology first will take the long term revenue opportunities. While the market of tunable
10G XFP transceiver and  10G SFP+ transceiver are also forecast to grow at 100% until 2014.
As a professional supplier specialize in 10G XFP and SFP+ transceiver market, Optcore is ready to share the growth in the optical transceiver market.
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