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Franklin asked 2 years ago

Recently we purchased
SFPP-10G-SR-C…………SFP+ module 10 Gbps Multimode 850nm JUNIPER COMPATIBLE………….working OK
SFPP-10G-LR-C…………SFP+ module 10 Gbps Singlemode 10 km 1310 nm JUNIPER COMPATIBLE….working OK
SFPP-10G-LRM-C…………SFP+ module 10 Gbps Single/Multimode 1310 nm JUNIPER COMPATIBLE……1 problems found
Enduser is attaching this SFP module to Multimode OM1 and OM2. It is supposed that might work with them up to 220 meters of length ( see Juniper datasheet attached). But do not get even 50 meters

1. Do you know if some mode-conditioning patch cords are needed to attach SFPP-10G-LRM to OM1 and OM2 grade fibers?
2. If mode-conditionioning patch cords are needed ….. Can you supply them for 50 and 62,5 for both OM1 and OM2 ??

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LisaLisa answered 2 years ago

From our experience, the switch must support LRM port (with EDC) and reach 220m; if the switch don’t support LRM port,it can not reach 50m on OM1.
So please share us some more detailed information ? Which switch model you used ? Does this switch support LRM port ?

Franklin answered 2 years ago

No Matter which brand ( Cisco, Alcatel, Juniper, etcc….)
IEEE 802.3aq , CISCO and other brands , highly advise that Mode Condition patching might be needed when attaching SFP-10G-LRM to OM1 or OM2.  We have needed the MCP ( mode conditioning patching)…Now LRM are linking in 4 connections with the usage of MCPs.  There are other 30 connections to get linked.

LisaLisa answered 2 years ago

You need use this SFP+ LRM optics along with LC-LC OM1 MCP patch cord to reach longer distance. 

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