OFNP, OFNR, OFNG, OFCG and OFCP: How to Choose?

Depending on the application, the fiber cable jacket consists of different materials. In the United States, the plastic used to build inflatable cables is managed in accordance with NFPA 90A: “Installation Criteria for Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems.” All materials intended for wires and cables placed in vented spaces are designed to meet the requirements outlined in NFPA 262 and NFPA 90A to meet stringent fire test standards. The following is a cable jacket rating list:


OFNP stands for Fiber Optic Non-Conductivity Plenum. OFNP fiber cables are fire and smoke resistant. They can be installed in pipes, plenums and other spaces for building gas streams. This is the highest level of fire rated cable, no other cable can be used as a substitute.


OFCP stands for Fiber Conductive Plenum. A conductive cable for use in ducts, plenums, and other spaces used for environmental air. A conductive cable contains non-current-carrying conductive members such as metal strength members and metallic vapor barriers


OFNR stands for Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser. OFNR fiber cables are used in Riser areas which are building vertical shafts or runs from one floor to another floor. OFNR fiber cables cannot be installed in the ventilation area because they do not have the fire and smoke ratings required by Plenum rated cables. OFNP plenum cables can be used as an alternative to OFNR fiber cables.


OFCR stands for fiber optic conductive riser. A factory assembly of one or more optical fibers having an overall covering and containing non–current-carrying conductive members such as metallic strength member, metallic vapor barrier, metallic
armor or metallic sheath.


OFNG on behalf of Optical Fiber Conductive General-Purpose. They have the same fire retardant properties as OFNG cables, but they have a conductive armor or central strength member, typically steel. The OFCG cable should be properly grounded at both ends. It should not be installed in the same cable tray or conduit as the power cable.


OFNG on behalf of Optical Fiber Nonconductive General-Purpose. They are usually used for horizontal wiring, single-layer applications. OFNG cables cannot be used for plenums or risers. OFNP and OFNR cables can be used as an alternative to OFNG cables.

Abbreviation for optical fiber nonconductive. OFN is the designation given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to interior Fiber optic cables which contain no electrically conductive component, and which are not certified for use in Plenum or Riser applications.

OFC stands for Optical fiber conductive. OFC is the name of the internal fiber optic cable given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and contains at least one conductive, current-free components, such as a metal strength component or vapor barrier instead of a certified Plenum or Riser application.

Nonconductive cable: There is no metal part on the cable, and those with conductivity are not included.
Conductive cable: There is a conductive part of the cable, but there is no current flowing in that part.

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