Menara Networks announce Tunable 4x28G DWDM CFP module

Menara Networks announces the new product of tunable DWDM CFP 100G MSA module. The tunable DWDM CFP 100G module supports the industry’s lowest cost 100G DWDM transport solution for metro applications. The DWDM CFP module provides interoperability with installed 100GHz and 50GHz DWDM systems for application on carrier backhaul and data center interconnect.

The DWDM CFP MSA compliant module supports both CAUI and OTL-4.10 electrical interfaces, allowing for Forwarding Error Correction addition enabling transmission distances up to 400km. Power consumption is contained below the MSA limits, allowing the DWDM CFP use in dense Ethernet switch and IP router line cards and DWDM transport systems. Utilization of direct detection technology provides a significant cost advantage over current coherent solutions, allowing carriers to accelerate 100G deployments in the metro network with a shortened Return on Investment time period.
Immense amounts of backhaul traffic from ISPs and carrier aggregation points drive the customer demand for 100G transport in the metro network, this 100G DWDM CFP solution provides a low-cost 100G transport solution fitting the needs of these applications.

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