6 Reasons to use Pre-terminated Fiber 

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The pre-termination fiber cabling system has been more and more popular. It is widely used for 40Gb & 100Gb connectivity within the today Data Centre. Why? Do you know the reasons?

Lower Total Cost

Our research shows that for (1) 12-strand pre-terminated fiber assemblies, pre-terminated fiber assemblies can reduce overall installation costs by nearly 50% (or more). By eliminating rework, achieving termination efficiency, eliminating transmission testing, and eliminating the need for end equipment and consumables, pre-terminated fiber can significantly reduce overall installation costs.


Rapid Manufacturing provides pre-terminated fiber optic components in two to four days. Pre-terminated fiber is ideal for helping to shorten project deadlines and increase overall deployment speed. You no longer have to wait a week, two weeks or even three weeks to get a custom fiber optic component.

Faster deployment

Designed for rapid deployment, pre-terminated fiber cabling requires no field termination. This reduces the labor required so you can get the job done faster. You need to do some pre-planning, but once you receive the cable, you can start.

Proven Performance

Mission-critical fiber networks require the highest level of attention in the cable assembly. Due to poor air quality, low-end face polishing efficiency, and poor cleaning and test protocols, field termination typically affects the overall quality of the cable. Pre-terminated fiber optic components should be manufactured in a clean room and undergo a series of inspections, including multiple end face inspections and certification of specific insertion loss/return loss thresholds.

Reducing waste

In many cases installers still have to pay for his waste in order to be removed from the site in many projects, especially if they include cable reels and, more importantly, installers buy a more accurate number of cables, they Buying through the meter instead of the drum, how many installers mix their facilities together, the box is filled with odd-length cables, and I hope there is a project to use them.

Completing larger installations without the need to hire a contract labor

By using pre-terminated fiber, large projects can be installed, reducing the equivalent labor, because the time to install the link is greatly reduced. This means reducing or eliminating the need to recruit additional labor. This will help your own trust and trained engineers do all the work.


Pre-termination fiber is not a fad, it is an increasingly popular way to deliver fiber cabling in a more timely and cost-effective manner. It should not be confined to major projects provided by large integrators, and this approach can provide benefits for projects of all Sizes. If you plan to upgrade your data center, consider using a pre-terminated fiber from OPTCORE. With our quick feedback, you will be able to get a quote and place an order in less than one hour.

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